The Best of Blackwell’s

The Best of Blackwell’s

Brief: To produce a small elegant book, with a limited, hand-numbered print run, that would be well received by the Blackwell’s and Heffers Bookshop employees.

Toby Blackwell, the president and owner of Blackwell’s Ltd inspired by the thoughts and opinions of customers and employees and written by broadcaster and author, David Jessel, conceived ‘The Best of Blackwell’s’ book. The book is about customer service and how to eat, breath, live and exist it – continuing the history of outstanding personal service that Blackwell’s has been known for since 1879 and preparing it for a further 100 years of successful trading.


– Book



– Typography
– Calligraphy

A few years ago I was fortunate in being told of Joe Hateley and his Bolt Creative.

Joe does, or interprets, exactly what his client wants; whether this is the usual modern stuff or as in my case, elegant classical design and typography.

Bolt Creative’s service I find to be excellent, and when necessary astonishingly fast.

I am a fortunate and loyal client.

Toby Blackwell
President & Owner of Blackwell’s Bookshop