International Orality Network

International Orality Network

International Orality Network approached Bolt to update their brand and bring it more inline with their company ethos. The International Orality Network is an affiliation of agencies and organizations working together with the common goal of making God’s Word available to oral learners in culturally appropriate ways. The brand needed to show the unity, distribution of learning, flexibility and the spreading of God’s Word by audio, visual and other oral means. This was achieved with the wave/ripple effect helping to portray the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.


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I have worked on many branding projects, and it is not often that they go as smoothly as this one!

Bolt understood our needs quickly and was able to translate that into a visual identity that communicates the vibrancy and life of the movement in a contemporary way. The selected brand was only one of several viable options, so that it was actually a challenge for us to make a final choice. We cannot praise their work highly enough!

International Orality Network